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Mountain View Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentists in Pleasant View & Farmington, Utah

At Mountain View Pediatric Dentistry, we focus our efforts on providing the best dental care for your children no matter their situation. Each child has different needs. Some have fears of the dentist while others have specific dental problems that need to be addressed. Our Mountain View team believes in a gentle approach, helping to soothe the fears of each child while delivering the best care.

Whether you are in simply for your child’s six month checkup or coming by to take care of a deeper problem, Dr. Cam, Dr. Jake, and Dr. Chris can help ease the process by choosing the best treatment. Our priority is to help kids look forward to coming to our office at any age and help them to get the treatment they need. Your child won’t feel the all too common fear of the dentist when visiting our office, instead our mountain cabin layout complete with a fun waiting room, fishtank, and mounted TVs will take your mind off the process.

With two great locations in Pleasant View and Farmington, our staff is ready to take on any of your child’s dental needs. Before treating, diagnosing, or making a decision pertaining to your child’s teeth we stop and ask ourselves “what would we do if this were my child needing the treatment?” With this in mind, each child who visits our office is able to get the best care possible. Specializing in pediatric dentistry, we know just how important it is to get the care needed at a young age.

As a pediatric dentist, our office has all the tools for patients ranging from infants to teenagers. We can deliver the specific treatments that are needed at any age of this development, ensuring teeth and gums are both healthy. If your child is in need of braces or other advanced dental work, we can effectively detect this early on to secure proper treatment.

Let Mountain View be your pediatric dentist, helping lead your child on the path to good oral health. Our offices are open Monday through Friday; call us directly to schedule your appointment today!


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